Our Process

Our goal is to help students and families find a college “fit” - a place where they will thrive socially, emotionally and academically. We want to be a part of building the next generation of leaders and believe so much of that development can happen when a student lands at the right college.


We take a personal approach

Many families choose to work with us for the individualized, personal attention we offer. We often build on the work that school guidance counselors begin. Due to the nature of their jobs, most counselors spend only a small portion of their time devoted to college planning and counseling. In contrast, college planning and readiness is our sole priority. Also, we work with a small group of students per year, allowing ample time devoted to one-on-one guidance.

Whether is it individualized college consulting or one-on-one tutoring, CLC College Prep offers the personal touch students need.


WE HELP Alleviate YOUR Stress

With the competitiveness of college admissions at an all-time high, the time and effort students must put towards the college admission process can be overwhelming. We help students plan ahead, maximize their time and stay on course. Our students feel confident as they research, prepare and apply to colleges. Working with us helps alleviate stress and worry, and frees up students and parents to enjoy the memorable high school years.


oUR Expertise

With over two decades of school counseling and undergraduate admission office experience, we have helped hundreds of students find the right college and pursue successful post-secondary opportunities.

We visit numerous colleges each year, attend conferences and research current admission and test prep trends to better serve our students. This first-hand knowledge is essential as we help students find the right fit and help them meet their college goals. Learn more about us here.