About Us

We firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking opportunities, and we understand that the ever-changing college admission landscape can be intimidating and stressful. This is why Calli Christenson founded CLC College Prep Services with the mission to provide outstanding test preparation and college admission guidance for students and families. As an extension of her passion to help students understand their potential and meet their goals, Calli has built a team of highly-qualified educational consultants and test prep tutors who demonstrate excellence in their work with students and love what they do.

We want everyone to understand that college is possible. It may not be the right next step for every single student, but it should never not be considered due to finances, lack of preparation or options. Our goal is to help students and families find a college “fit” - a place where they will thrive socially, emotionally and academically. We were fortunate enough to have this type of life-transforming college experience and want to be a part of helping others experience the same. We want to be a part of building the next generation of leaders and believe so much of that development can happen when a student lands at the right college.

Our Team


Calli Christenson

Co-Founder & Director of College Counseling

Dylan Christenson, Ph.d.

Co-Founder & Director of Test Preparation


Mollie Moore, M.a.

Test Prep Tutor & Essay Specialist


Kent Moore, M.A.

Test Prep Tutor


Shannon Powell, M.Ed.

College Consultant


Keenan Harris

Test Prep Tutor


Jennifer COOK

Test Prep Tutor