Comprehensive College Admission Advising

Our environment promotes self-discovery and builds confidence in students as they pursue their college dreams. We guide students to campuses which provide opportunities for success and strengthen our students as maturing adults. Simply stated, we make your path to college easier.

From career and major exploration, to refining college essays, to navigating scholarships and financial aid—we help students plan ahead, stay on course, and achieve their college admission goals.




At CLC College Prep, we highly value the opportunity to get to know our students as individuals. We invest a great amount of time in understanding personalities and the unique skills and passions of each student. We are equally concerned with how students learn and perform in an educational setting and who they are and what they enjoy outside of the classroom. We believe the initial part of our college match process is a critical step in helping students identify colleges that are a good match for who they are and what they desire in a college experience. We get to know our students and their strengths through a series of personality, learning style and career exploration assessments, and seek to create an environment which allows our students to truly be themselves and pursue their best options.

Resume Development and High School Coursework

A student’s coursework can be one of the most significant factors in the college admission process and that is why we spend time helping students plan their four years beyond state mandated requirements. We consider a student’s goals, career focus and abilities when giving guidance on which class to take through high school and at which point to take them. Additionally, we thoroughly evaluate a student’s extracurricular list and encourage students to pursue activities they love and have a passion for. We help students develop their profile to best represent who they are as individuals.

"Best Fit" College Options and College List

Based on what we learn about our students and their values, we develop a unique College List which provides options for students to consider as they begin to research colleges. We consider factors important to the student and parents, including financial parameters, campus culture, academic offerings and more. CLC College Prep spends several weeks every year visiting campuses and getting to know what individual colleges have to offer. This knowledge guides us in providing students with the tools and information they need to identify colleges that are a great fit and accurately match their personal interests and academic abilities.




Develop College Applications - Essays, Interview Prep, App Review

We know how important it is for an application to stand out from the crowd; this is why we work diligently to help students develop pieces that will catch the eye of admission committees and accurately represent the very best of each student. This part of the process is highly flexible and is always tailored to each student's needs and desires. Often, this includes assistance with college essays, standardized test preparation, scholarship applications, personal statements, resumes/portfolio building, interview preparation, application timelines and more. We help students stay organized and clearly understand requirements for each college. Regardless of how much or how little help a student needs, our goal is to assist students in submitting outstanding applications by early fall of their senior year.

College Visits and Summer Programs

We focus time and effort towards preparing students and parents for college visits. Our students understand how to make the most of their time on a prospective campus. They know the right questions to ask and how to best represent themselves to admission reps. Additionally, many students seek out summer enrichment opportunities to further explore career and major options while simultaneously building their personal resumes. We help families identify summer programs that are worth the time, money and effort to attend.

Assistance with Financial Aid Process

For many families, the financial aid process can be one of the more daunting components of attending college. We bring clarity to the confusing and overwhelming issue of financial aid by helping families better understand their options. From filing the FAFSA to identifying colleges with generous merit aid, we help students and families confidently navigate the college funding process.




College Acceptances and College Choice Guidance

We offer guidance and support for students as they negotiate and make a final college decision. We work hard to do everything we can to help families make the best choice for their student's future, and help our students to feel fully confident in their decision.